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Last drop-in hours before summer break:
Sunday April 21st
from 3-6pm

What is community acupuncture?

Community acupuncture allows for everyone to heal together in an open space, lending a sense of community and togetherness that classical acupuncture visits lack. When you arrive we'll have a quick chat about what you'd like to work on and then you'll choose a comfy chair or table in the big studio at CHMA and get settled in.

How does it work?

In these sessions I use a special microsystem on the outer ear that is quick, accessible and effective to address a variety of concerns, most commonly cravings/addiction help, pain, insomnia, headaches, digestive issues, stress and boosting the immune system. I'll insert the needles and leave you to relax for as long as you like. 

How much does it cost?

We offer a sliding scale donation from $0-20 based on income.

If you're interested in a more in-depth acupuncture experience we can set up a classical acupuncture session at the event or you can book here

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