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Zoe has a wonderfully calm and reassuring presence, and is skilled, knowledgeable, assured and gentle. She does a thorough assessment of your symptoms for each treatment and follows up to determine if the previous treatment was helpful. She has helped with anxiety, jaw pain, hip pain, headaches, and nausea. I am very thankful for her skills and highly recommend her for treatment. PT

Zoe has been very patient, thorough and has made sure that she tried to understand where the problem was by testing areas of my back and knee, as well as giving me advice on how to continue to improve. She was able to figure out what the problem was and find a solution. My back problem is five years old and I’ve tried many means and medications without much success but acupuncture has made a big difference. RH


Zoe is a very knowledgeable, empathic, and kind practitioner. She listens to my concerns

carefully and I always feel very relaxed and cared for during treatments. I have seen her for

treatment of fatigue and pain issues and the skillful acupuncture I receive from her has been

extremely healing and helpful. I highly recommend Zoe! LM

I have had several treatments from Dr. Linton and highly recommend her practice. All my

treatments from her have been helpful in reducing my muscle pain and stomach problems. I must

admit I’m not a fan of needles of any kind. Even flu shots make me tense. But Dr. Linton’s

empathic nature and expert needling technique puts me at ease, always moving me toward a meditative calm and restored health. EL


I went to Zoe at White Magnolia Acupuncture with chronic foot pain that I'd had for ten years. Every day I would have a series of spasms that hurt a lot. I'd tried different things, but nothing had helped.  One day I thought, 'this is probably affecting my life more than I even realize.' Friends of mine had had success with acupuncture, so I decided to give it a try. I went to Zoe and was so glad I did.  First of all, I really liked working with her – she's warm, friendly and professional, with a very calming presence. She was interested in all my symptoms, including things other than my foot, and followed up on them at every visit. After a few months my foot pain did, incredibly, go away, and it made such a difference to my life. I still get pins and needles at various times, but they don't hurt like those spasms did. On top of that, there were other physical changes, for instance, I no longer felt stiff when I got out of bed in the morning, plus my energy just kept increasing. I highly recommend Zoe. LG

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