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Click on the images below for informative studies and other content related to the field of Chinese medicine. For a summary of Chinese medicine and how it's practiced in China and around the world, published in Nature, click HERE.

For a great article about the difference between acupuncture and dry needling, click HERE.

Yellow Flower

World Health Organization

The WHO recommends acupuncture for many conditions. Click above for the full list.

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Period Pain

Chinese herbal medicine is effective to treat dysmenorrhea, or painful periods. Article linked above.


Chronic Pain

Acupuncture has been shown to improve the symptoms of chronic pain. Article linked above.

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Acupuncture was shown to be more effective at decreasing symptoms and medication use related to seasonal allergies. Article linked above.

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Acupuncture has been shown to improve symptoms of depression with regular treatments when compared with sham and no acupuncture. Article linked above.


Herbs to Treat Cancer

This article outlines some of the anti-cancer compounds found in different Chinese herbs and how they might be used in the future to treat cancer. Article linked above.

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